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Palais Imports is a boutique beer importer and wholesaler, established in October 2003 by Craig Jessup and Phillip Chehade.

Working together in a style bar in North Adelaide, Craig and Phillip shared a passion for craft brews. In 2002 they seized an opportunity to become the importer of one of their favourite beer companies, Unibroue, and Palais Imports was born.

Although challenging, their beer importing business steadily grew, and in 2010, when Unibroue stopped exporting beer to Australia, Craig and Philip visited the USA and Canada to seek out more breweries of similar substance and quality to replace them with great success!

Palais Imports now imports and distributes craft beer, sake and wine from breweries in Canada, United States and Japan, and is also the South Australian distributor for another 200+ international craft beers and ciders.

Palais Imports products can be found in quality independent liquor stores, fine bars and restaurants, 1st Choice, selected Vintage Cellars and BWS stores Australia-wide.

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