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The Brooklyn Brewery Logo was designed by Milton Glaser, best known for the I Love NY logo.



Brooklyn_Brewery_Logo_Yellow_Dots_web_smallBrooklyn Brewery
 New York, US

Website: www.brooklynbrewery.com 

In 1987
, former Associated Press Middle East Correspondent Steve Hindy and banker Tom Potter quit their day jobs and started The Brooklyn Brewery. They started brewing in a facility in Upstate New York.  In 1989 they commissioned their first truck, see image below. With a team of stalwart salesmen, they began peddling Brooklyn Lager in the streets of New York City. 1996 saw Mayor Rudy Guiliani cut the ribbon to open their new brewery in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighbourhood, the first successful commercial brewery in New York City since Schaefer & Rheingold closed their doors in 1976. 

TODAY, The Brooklyn Brewery is among America's top 40 breweries,and Brooklyn Lager is among the top draft beers in New York City.


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