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Kiuchi Brewery

Ibaraki, Japan

Website: http://www.kodawari.cc

The Kiuchi Brewery was established in 1823 by Kiuchi Gihei, the headman of Kounosu ("Nest") village as a producer of sake. His family was collecting rice from farmers as land taxes for the Mito Tokugawa family. He began his brewery with the idea of using the remaining rice stocks in the warehouse. At this time in Japan a new political movement began to reform the Tokugawa regime. Fujita Toko, one of the movement's activists, advocated an ideology to build a new organizational government with a reverence of the emperor, and his thought led to the Meiji Restoration.

Hitachino Nest Beer
In autumn 1996, Kiuchi Brewery started their beer brewing business and named the brand Hitachino Nest Beer with the unique owl character logo.Over the years, Kiuchi Brewery has gained local and worldwide attention by winning awards at numerous world beer competitions

Kiuchi Brewery Kiuchi Brewery front

Kiuchi Brewery distillation tanks