Dieu du CielDieu du Ciel!
Quebec, Canada

Website: www.dieuduciel.com

From the time it opened its brewpub on Laurier avenue in Montreal, Dieu du Ciel has been aiming to brew the best beers possible, without compromise, to bring you a unique, intense tasting experience. No matter the production costs, the demanding labor and the many difficulties that came with the production of beer, our first motivation is to always bring you original, satisfying beers. We love beer, and insist on showing it in the ones we brew.

We value the work of our employees and believe they should be remunerated accordingly, so that they can earn a comfortable living. Our respect of humankind and of the environment always guides our choices when we make decisions concerning the enterprise.

We scorn the latest trends and brew beers that seduce us primarily by their intrinsic qualities.

We want to always remain creative by constantly experimenting new recipes and creating new beers.

We have the ever present concern to improve ourselves, by continuing to learn from a vast choice of literature, by taking courses (classes), by traveling in our own country and abroad to taste other outstanding beers, by discussing beer making with respected brewers, by constantly working on our existing recipes, to keep making better beer always and by investing in our equipments, to make them more and more efficient and flexible.

At Dieu du Ciel, quality always comes first.


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