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  Weihenstephan (SA & NT Distributors Only)

The Weihenstephan ("Sacred Stephen") Brewery is known as the Mecca for beer. That did not happen by chance the brewery is the oldest still existing brewery in the world.

In 1040 the Benedictine monastery overlooking the town of Freising in Germany was granted the right to brew. It has also been established that the Benedictine monks had already brewed their own beer much earlier than this. Even as early as 768 a hops garden was founded in the grounds of the monastery, the harvest of which was certainly brewed in the monastery. Which incidentally, also means that beer made with hops, as we know it today, came into being at Weihenstephan. The reputation of the Weihenstephan brewers as true masters of their craft has grown in strength over the centuries.

Today’s modern commercial brewery and the world’s best known University of Brewing occupy the former monastery buildings. The Weihenstephan brewery maintains close links with the University. In the brewery students from around the world are let into the secrets of the Bavarian art of brewing. Many of the world’s best brewers have been trained here and many Breweries draw their yeasts from the famous Weihenstephan yeast library. Weihenstephan combines hundreds of years of brewing experience with the most up to date brewing technology and innovation. The speciality beer which result from this combination are renown the world over.

Weihenstephan Kristall

A crystal clear filtered wheat beer free of yeast. Refreshingly effervescent with flavours reminiscent of banana and tropical fruits.

Weihenstephan Hefe

A cloudy wheat beer with a smooth malt background, wonderfully rich yeast flavours, spicy, with fruity banana overtones. Full bodied, and very complex in flavour

Weihenstephan Dunkel

A dark wheat beer with flavours and aromas of dark malts. A complex beer, with a rich fruitiness of banana, hints of apple and cinamon.

Weihenstephan Original

A Flowery Golden Lager, sweet tasting and exceptionally well balanced with a big malty aroma. An easy drinking German style lager.

Weihenstephan Pilsner

A traditional Pilsner style beer, with smooth bitter hoppy flavour and flowery aroma. Refreshingly crisp finish.

Weihenstephan Tradition

A traditional German dark lager with hints of Caramel and sweet roasted malts. An aromatic beer with a dry finish.


The long glass is for the Wheat Beers, the Stein is for the lager beers. (Rinse before use).


When pouring the Hefe and Dunkel pour most of the beer into the glass slowly. Leave about an inch in the bottom, swirl the bottle to mix the remaining beer with Yeast. Finish pouring, the Yeast will disperse through the beer and bring up the head. The Yeast is an integral part of the flavour of these beers.



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