Wells & Youngs (SA & NT Distributors Only)

World leading English Ales & Lagers from 'Charles Wells' brewery and England's oldest brewery 'Youngs' est 1581.

'A burnished copper colour, it has a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit, juicy malt and tangy hops.'

Double Chocolate Stout
Luxurious and at the same time with a hint of decadence, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout has it all, delivering a satisfying, indulgent taste without ever becoming overly sweet.
Chocolate malt and real dark chocolate are combined with Young’s award winning rich, full flavoured dark beer to craft a satisfyingly indulgent, but never overly sweet experience.

Courage Directors
The golden tawny brew has a depth of flavour drawn from an infusion of English malt and the citrus fruit of the unmistakable East Kent Goldings hop. Overlaid with this rich character is a distinct crispness.

Young’s Bitter
A refreshing  ale, golden in colour, with a light, dry palate, a fresh, fruity aroma and a long, satisfying bitter finish.

Special London Ale
A wonderfully balanced, deep-golden strong bottled ale, brewed from pure malt and a phenomenal amount of hops. A lively, fruity character with suggestions of banana and orange zest.

Waggle Dance
Amber beer with a touch of honey on the nose and palate. The sweetness is balanced by a healthy dose of hops to provide the bitterness that gives a wonderfully delicate flavour.

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